Muu Guz Sigma Dartboard

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Guz Sigma connect Guz electronics dartboard with smartphone/tablet through Bluetooth technology. Providing darts game such as 01 and cricket with funny and beautiful user interface and animations. With Guz, Players can enjoy darts at home and it is also a good party game. -Compact and lightweight design, 2.44kg only -Battery operated (2 AA batteries) -Bundle with USB Power cable, Guz Sigma can be powerd by USB phone charger or portable USB charger -Connect smartphone/tablet through Bluetooth 4.0 technology -01 and cricket game, players in individual or team mode -Support Up to eight players -On line battle, players can play with online players through internet -With award movie and powerful sound effect -Apps available in English, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese -Game history with personal record 01 PPD (point per darts) and Cricket MPR (Marks per round) bundled accessories -Two Set of Darts -Throw line sticker -Installation User Manual -Batteries -Hanging Screws - Copyright 2014